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Arbocef – CP (Syrup)

Let Your Patient be works Freely

Dextromethorphan 10 mg. + Phenylpropanolamine 5 mg. + C.P.Maleate 2 mg.

  •  A tasty way to treat cough and cold disorders
  •  Offers multimode of action


Dextromethrophan : Suppresses cough reflex

Phenylpropanolamine : Reduces nasal congestion

C. P. Maleate: Counters allergic manifestations

Indicated in :

  •  Allerigic Cough and cold
  •  Seasonal and perennial cough
  •  As adjunct to antibiotic therapy in pulmonary tuberculosis
  •  Bronchial Asthma
  •  Chronic Broncitis
  •  COPD (Chroinc obstructive pulmonary diease)

Also available :

Arbosal-Ag Tablets

Ambroxol 30 mg.

Guaiphenes in 50 mg.

Levosalbutamol sulphage 1 mg.

Guaiphenesin : Expels cough out

Phenylpropanolamine : Reduces bronchial hyperreactivity

C. P. Maleate: Rapid action Bronchodlilator

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